Date Mon 11 April 2016

This is an electronic device that makes use of a technique called the Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS. It is designed to specifically tone, firm and strengthen ab muscles. This is the first device to be ever cleared by FDA making it stand out from other devices in the market. The FDA cleared this device because of its strengthening, firming and toning of the ab muscles and its ability to deliver its services efficiently and safely. The company that manufactures this product has headquarters in Galway, Ireland. The fact that it has been producing this device for over 40 years makes it a renowned and trusted manufacturer of EMS devices.

How The Flex Belt Works To Tone Muscles

flex belt ab tonerThis is the ultimate device lazy people should consider having in order to achieve their much desired six pack abs. It works by sending electrical charges to the abdominal muscles once strapped on. This significantly eliminates the need for crunches among other ab workout types. It successfully works out the stomach muscles without the need for extra efforts making individuals burn fats and lose weight.

This device should be used for about half an hour daily for a period of four weeks. In as much as people might say that they can’t find 30 minutes daily, it should be noted that the Flex Belt is a comfortable device that doesn’t hinder the movements of an individual once in the abdomen. One can wear it on their abdomen and activate their desired intensity. The intensity ranges from about 1-150.

One could wear the device while washing the dishes, preparing breakfast, sweeping the floor among other chores. One thing about the Flex Belt Ab Toner is that it can be used anytime one feels like. Even individuals who come from work tired can use the device while watching TV or while listening to their favorite music.

People That Can Use The Flex Belt

The people who should consider using this product include: fitness enthusiasts who have good shape already, casual exercisers, executives who might not have time for the gym, people with sore backs, new mothers and people looking to have attractive and better ab muscles, regardless of their current levels of fitness.

The Pros

The Flex Belt comes with 2 years warranty making it the product with the longest warranty period in its category. The manufacturers promise full refund if an individual fails to achieve significant results 60 days while using the device.

Unlike abdominal workouts that may strain the back causing injury in the process, this device specifically stimulates the abdominal muscles requiring no aggressive movements in the mid section.

The Cons

Despite th\he fact that the FDA has approved the Flex Belt as a safe device, there is no clear information about its effectiveness. In addition, some people claim that the device is way much expensive. Also, this device doesn’t offer free trials for individuals who want to test its effectiveness before buying it.


This product is worth trying and individuals doubting its effectiveness should consider reading expert reviews on websites and health blogs. The money back guarantee should assure people that they don’t have to remain with the device if it doesn’t impress them.